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Commissaire / Curator : Philippe Guionie

After holding two photography workshops in the capital of Niamey in 2012 and 2013, the French photographer Philippe Guionie returned to the Re- public of Niger in February 2015 as part of a new project : to render an unprecedented homage to the celebrated Nigerien photographer Philippe Koudjina Ayi, who passed away in 2014. For this project, Guionie spent 15 days working with a selection of Nigerien photographers, many of whom had taken part in the initial workshops.

A renowned chronicler of Niamey’s “wild” nights in the 1970s, Philippe Koudjina Ayi created a remark- able oeuvre in his lifetime. For Guionie’s project, each photographer produced a series of images based on a theme that had previously been evoked by Philippe Koudjina Ayi : celebrations, nightlife, studio portraiture, documentary portraiture in situ, everyday life... In this way, each new series was both a unique homage to the Nigerien photographer and a creative exploration of the multiple facets of contemporary Niger.

This exhibition presents a selection of images by Koudjina as well as photographs by the artists inspired by his work during the workshop. The work- shop participants were Apsatou Bagaya, Oumarou Kadry, Souley Abdoulaye, Dourfaye Zourkalleyni, Tagaza Djibo, and Ousmane Ibrahim.

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