Musée National du Mali

Commissaire / Curator : Yves Chatap & Todd Lanier Lester is an artist-led urban platform that is focused on how people live, work, and share in contemporary São Paolo and its surroundings. The project takes its name from the convivial, open-walled, fluorescent-lit and industrious lunch counters that populate almost every street corner of the city. As part of the Lusophone Focus, presents a food-sharing project, providing audiences of the Bamako Encounters with an opportunity to experience the “taste” of São Paulo through the preparation and consumption of maniçoba—a dish with bitter leaves enjoyed in both Brazil’s Northeast and across West Africa. The project is collaboratively developed by creatives Jaime Lauriano, Thiago Correia Gonçalves,and Todd Lanier Lester for, and uses video, archival material, photography, and lunch to illustrate and conjoin the trajectories of the maniçobeiros of Serra da Capivara and “The Revolt of Malês”.

Institut Français
Ministère de la Culture de l’Artisanat et du Tourisme du Mali