Youcef Krache - Algeria

National Museum of Mali

Vitrines éphémères (2011 – )

In Youcef Krache’s series Vitrines éphémères, which he began in 2011, we can look through the windows of Algiers’ city buses and observe the insides of the vehicles. For this work, the artist uses an artistic vocabulary that borrows from both photography and cinema. In effect, the notions of temporality, light, and also what is on and off camera are intrinsic to the vocabulary of cinema. The window of the bus acts as a sort of developing tray that begins to reveal the subject of the photograph and then impels us to try and decipher what is beyond the reflective surface, that’s to say, what is beyond the frame of the image.

The bus windows delineate the physical limits of the image and also provide a paradoxical sense of immobility. As a result, the movement of the vehicle cannot be felt and this contributes to the production of a multi-layered narrative patchwork. It’s also a modernist collage that slices apart the bus, streets scenes, and the architectural reality of the city itself. The ancient Algerian colonial buildings are confronted with the contemporaneity or even the “reality” of the image, evoking a complex historical stratum of the city and creating a montage that is both unique and pertinent.

In certain photographs, the subject decides to reject the pretense of the documentary and to look directly at the photographer. This exposes the ruse of photography and blurs the lines between documentary, fiction and the vocabulary of cinema which results in a particularly fascinating and stratified creation.

Born in 1987 in Constantine, Algeria –
Lives in Algiers

Institut Français
Ministère de la Culture de l’Artisanat et du Tourisme du Mali